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Type of Project

Comprehensive HIV / AIDS Care Programme


Geographical Area

Gauteng - KATORUS ((Katlehong, Thokoza and Vosloosrus)


New CCCC buildingProfile

KATORUS comprises of three communities of over four million people.  These areas are poorly resourced with large numbers of unemployed and educationally deprived people. These factors have resulted in a lack of financial support for, and the initiation of community projects.


HIV and AIDS is one of the biggest challenges now facing the Katorus community. There are a number of Primary Health Care Clinics in the area that are unable to cope with the growing demand of HIV and AIDS. The Katorus community is being hugely affected by the epidemic and the burden of care is now falling on the families and children of those who are ill.


To address the ever growing HIV and AIDS burden in Katorus, the KHANYISILE project has embarked on developing a community based comprehensive programme of care through networking with and strengthening existing community programmes, developing new programmes, and building partnerships with key stakeholders at a provincial, district and community level. The model also serves and as an empowerment and capacity building vehicle.kitchen inside new CCCC


Community mobilisation focuses on community involvement, in all aspects of holistic care, taking into account the norms and values of the specific community. Community mobilisation includes community education, and addressing stigma and discrimination.


There are three objectives for the integrated care model coordinated by KHANYISILE:

launch of container site at Goba Clinic

Unsung Hero(es)

Leadership Team



Madoda Nzima


Regional Leader

Lance Carr



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