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Janai Children's Home

Status = Current (whom we are actively involved with in a mentoring relationship)


Type of Project

Special Needs Children


Geographical Area

Benoni, Gauteng


Children with USA volunteersProfile

Janai is situated in Benoni as a home to children suffering from physical, emotional and mental disabilities.  Kelaine and Martin Schneider have dedicated 29 years to taking care of abused and neglected children.


There are currently 22 children ranging from birth to 16 years being cared for at Janai; four of whom have been adopted by the Schneiders themselves.  The children suffer from various conditions ranging from the effects of abandonment, malnutrition, Cerebral Palsy and heart /lung disorders.  Some of these conditions require costly medical attention.  They are also in need of extensions of the facilities where there is a shortage of living space.


Kelaine and Martin believe that in a loving Christian environment, where they have a ‘mom and dad’, these children’s needs can be met, and their broken bodies and spirits healed.


Unsung Hero(es)

Martin and Kelaine Schneider



Janet de Wet


Regional Leader

Lance Carr



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