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ESHCOL - Place of Refuge for Children in Need

Status = Mediated Projects:  (to whom we have made a mentoring contribution)


Type of Project

Abandoned, vulnerable and traumatised Children


Geographical Area

Western Cape - Fish Hoek



Graham and Jené's vision is to provide a refuge of love and hope to abandoned, abused and neglected children, from the ages of one to six.


The original name for the centre was “No 10 Emergency Home for Children”.  They opened, after house refurbishment, on the 1st November 2001 and to date have had 32 very traumatized children through the two homes.  


All reports as to the children’s progress who have left the centre, are that they have excellent placements in foster care and have left in excellent health, both spiritually and physically, resulting in minimal disruption to their normal behavioural patterns with their foster parents.  


The new name, “Eshcol”, took effect September 2002.  The Social Workers have commended the home for its atmosphere of peace, healing and well-being.


Unsung Hero(es)

Graham and Jené Des Fountain





Regional Leader



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