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Leutlwetse Preschool and After-care Centre – Hebron, Pretoria


How many of us experience the realisation of our dreams?


Veronicah Maleka was an ordinary woman, with no special qualifications, but commendable aspirations.  Whilst relaying her story, Veronicah bubbles with enthusiasm combined with disbelief at the miracle she has witnessed over the past year. 


In 2003 Veronicah became aware of the increasing numbers of young children in her community who were not receiving educational stimulation and opportunity for play in a secure environment. 

She and a few ladies from the local church and community began a service to orphaned and abandoned children in a disused building that had been intended for a preschool in the local area.  There, children came and were cared for and given as much encouragement and educational instruction as resources allowed. 


PVI heard of Veronicah and her community initiative.  The PVI team were struck by Veronicah’s humble commitment to deliver a good quality education despite her circumstances. 

A partnership began between the NPO and a local cleaning products manufacturer to empower Veronicah and her volunteers. 


Excitedly, all parties gathered together to brainstorm the renovation of the dilapidated building where the children were being taught.  Plans for water tanks, children’s toilet facilities and a grassy playground with climbing frames and fully equipped classrooms were put forward.


Throughout all these rapidly moving developments, Veronicah and her volunteers were wide-eyed in disbelief at the interest and care for the little ones of their community and at the hand of the Lord in all that was happening around them.


Leutlwetse Preschool and Haven building project has, after 9 months, been completed and has evolved into a lively, educational oasis in the Hebron community.  Veronicah and her team of teachers are attending teacher training courses and workshops to ensure that they are confident in the service they provide. 


Veronicah - “We never dreamed that such a beautiful place would be possible for the children in our area. We give God all the praise and glory”.